The Consultancy team specialises in the areas of organisational and occupational psychology. We adopt evidence-based practices in organisational settings to create customized solutions and interventions that address our clients' specific needs and challenges.

To develop tailored solutions, the team employs a variety of research methods, including qualitative and quantitative analysis, literature reviews, and other relevant approaches. All our work undergoes thorough evaluation to ensure high quality, value-for-money, and positive outcomes for our clients.

Since each client and environment presents unique challenges, we offer informal discussions to understand your perspectives better. For a free and informal discussion, please contact

Consultancy team

  • Ioana Parry

    A seasoned and accomplished occupational Psychologist with a diverse range of expertise.

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  • Hannah Iannelli

    Organisational Consultant, specialising in the fields of organisational psychology, health and wellbeing, and mental health at work.

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  • Sam ter Horst

    Organisational consultant with a strong background in business psychology, research, and evaluations

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