Comprehensive Assessment of at Risk Mental States (CAARMS) - Supervisor

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Course information
08 October
Length and time
9:00 - 17:00
Course information
08 October
Length and time
9:00 - 17:00

Maudsley Learning, in collaboration with King’s College London University and the Outreach and Support in South London (OASIS) team at South London and Maudsley (SLaM) NHS Foundation Trust, have been commissioned to deliver online training in the use of the Comprehensive Assessment of At Risk Mental States (CAARMS) clinical interview to NHS England staff working in psychosis early detection or early intervention services, or other mental health services.
The CAARMS is a semi-structured clinical interview for the assessment of psychosis risk. The CAARMS is widely used in routine clinical work in psychosis early detection and early intervention services in the United Kingdom and around the World.
This is a 1-day online supervisor-level course. Enrolment in this course will require practitioner-level competence in CAARMS assessment, previously acquired through our specific two day course for practitioners (you can access this course here), and will provide additional ad-hoc training, learning and development to supervise colleagues in real-world clinical settings.

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Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the learner will have obtained practical knowledge on the following topics:
• General principles for supervising a CAARMS practitioner
• Addressing common challenges when supervising a CAARMS clinical assessment from real-world case studies
• Improving practical skills to overcome common CAARMS supervision challenges

To meet these objectives, participants will participate in collaborative group learning activities through the presentation and discussion of real-life cases of their previous CAARMS supervision, with the opportunity to receive a live, personalised feedback.

The training

This is a one-day course for CAARMS supervisors. The course is composed of an online self-learning module (AM) and an online live module (PM). The next training will take place on the 16th of January 2023 from 9:30 to 16:30.


The eligibility criteria for this level of training will be assessed prior to enrolling on the programme. You must have: (i) acquired CAARMS practitioner certification, demonstrated by uploading our previous training level certificate (should you feel you have already acquired CAARMS practitioner skills elsewhere you can enroll by passing an initial psychometric reliability test) and (ii) show experience as a senior lead within a specialised clinical service, demonstrated by uploading a supervised CAARMS assessment, (iii) certify that you are working in early intervention for psychosis, early detection for psychosis, general practices or any other clinical services where you may assess young people with emerging mental disorders.

After enrolment in the supervisory level training, you will be asked to complete a case description a real-life CAARMS assessment that you have supervised as part of your clinical work. You will need to have the material ready ahead of the training. You will have some time during the reflective practice session of the training to complete a summary of this case and you will then be asked to present it in the group discussion session of the training. You will be provided with the template and specific guidelines for completing this work upon enrollment.


Please click here to download the program FAQ's.


How is the course structured?

The course is structured into two staged levels of training:

  1. Practitioner training (2 days)
  2. Supervisor training (1 day)
  3. Furthermore, there will be an Annual networking event for all trainees- The National Conference on
    Psychosis Prevention

I have no previous certification as a supervisor for CAARMS, however, I have experience with the CAARMS. I would like to apply for the Supervisor course, is this possible?

If you cannot show evidence of CAARMS practitioner certification, you can access the supervisor training by passing a psychometric entry assessment.

Am I eligible for practitioner training?

You are eligible for practitioner training if:

  1. You are currently working for the NHS in early intervention for psychosis, early detection for
    psychosis, general practices, or any other clinical services where you may assess young people with
    emerging mental disorders such as psychosis.
  2. You are also eligible if you are a clinician working with people with emerging mental disorders such
    as psychosis (e.g., but not restricted to a psychiatrist, mental health nurse, or psychologist) in training.
    How much is this course? The course is free for all eligible trainees as it is commissioned, thus fully funded, by Health Education
    England (HEE).

Is this training suitable for adult services?

The training is suitable for staff who work with emerging mental health disorders in young people, i.e., individuals aged 12-35.

Is training just focused on early intervention psychosis services or is there scope for it to be available for 24/7 crisis services?

Crisis services are eligible to apply.

Do I gain certification at the end of the CAARMS practitioner course?

Yes. If you pass the final psychometric assessment, you will become a certified CAARMS Practitioner or certified Supervisor. If you do not pass, you will be given a second chance to complete another psychometric assessment within 1 week. If you still do not pass the second test you will need to retake the practitioner

How is the course structured for a Practitioner?

CAARMS practitioners will be empowered over two training days to learn basic skills and core psychometric concepts through frontal lectures, observation, skills practice, supervision and support to upskill and be able to deliver the assessment in clinical care. All trainees will also benefit from an annual networking event to promote sharing of good practices at the end of each training year.

How is the course structured for a Supervisor?

CAARMS supervisors will receive advanced training over one day, with one refresher half day, to effectively supervise, evaluate and assess CAARMS practitioners to build sustainability and impact. All trainees will also benefit from an annual networking event to promote sharing of good practices at the end of each training year.

How do I know I have been accepted onto the course?

Once you have registered your interest or been nominated by your service lead, we will contact all candidates to confirm whether you have successfully gained a place.

Can I attend one day of the practitioner training?

The course layout for the practitioner course consists of 2 days of bespoke training. Both days must be attended in order to pass the final psychometric test and gain practitioner certification.

What is the CAARMS?

The Comprehensive Assessment of At-Risk Mental States (CAARMS) is a semi-structured psychometric instrument for the identification of the At Risk Mental State (ARMS) based on presenting psychopathology. The ARMS could indicate an increased risk of development of first-episode psychosis.

Who can I contact for more information on the CAARMS course?

If you are interested in this training or have any queries, please contact the CAARMS programme delivery
team at

I am interested in the CAARMS course, however I am outside England, am I eligible?

Unfortunately, as our training is commissioned by Health Education England, we can only recruit NHS England staff.

I am a psychiatrist in training, am I eligible?


I am a GP, am I eligible?


How long is the training?

Practitioner training occurs over two back-to-back training days, with an annual event at the end of the year. Supervisor training occurs over a single training day, with a half-day refresher and an annual event.

How do I register my interest in this training?

Please complete the following 2-minute survey in order to register your interest and deem your eligibility:

If you have any other queries or wish to submit interest on behalf of a whole team, please contact the CAARMS programme delivery team at

I am unsure whether I am eligible for practitioner or supervisor training, can you help?

Please follow the below eligibility flow diagram to deem eligibility for this training:

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