Sam ter Horst

Organisational consultant


An Organisational Psychologist that specializes in evaluations, validation studies, research, psychosocial crisis management, and trauma prevention. With an MSc in Occupational Business Psychology from Kingston University, he excelled at a Dutch Psychotrauma centre, providing psychosocial aid through guidelines for first aid workers and self-assessment tools to enhance burnout prevention awareness. After returning to the UK to disseminate best practices and elevate global psychosocial healthcare, Sam remains dedicated to advancing the field. Proficient in research and driven by a passion for healthcare technology, he strives to enhance accessibility and integration within the sector.

Motivations for wanting to work in health and wellbeing at work

Sam is passionate to work in health and wellbeing at work because he believes in the impact that a healthy workplace environment can have on individuals' overall quality of life. Having witnessed the effects of stress and poor health in the workplace, he is driven to contribute to a culture that prioritises the physical and mental health of its employees. Sam’s passion lies in developing and implementing wellness programs that not only improve employees' health but also enhance their productivity and job satisfaction. He is particularly interested in the intersection of mental health and workplace dynamics, aiming to create initiatives that support emotional wellbeing, reduce burnout, and foster a supportive and inclusive work environment. Ultimately, his goal is to be part of a movement that views employee health and wellbeing as integral to organizational success.

Wellbeing Areas of interest

Sam is passionate about combining new technologies in healthcare with mental health support for emergency and disaster personnel. His focus is on leveraging advancements like VR and AI to enhance healthcare delivery, specifically tailored to those in high-stress jobs like emergency responders. The goal is to develop accessible mental health programs using these technologies, providing immediate support and using predictive analytics to address stress-related issues proactively. This approach aims to ensure that those who help others also have the necessary resources to maintain their own wellbeing


Sam, born and raised in the Netherlands, completed his Dutch equivalent of A-levels and then relocated to the United Kingdom to follow his passion for Psychology, with a particular focus on workforce well-being. He has an extensive understanding of well-being needs in emergency and disaster relief situations, is adept in effective research methodologies, and specialises in formulating well-being-related policies for organisations. His expertise across these diverse fields allows him to provide tailor-made research services and evidence-based recommendations to various organisations

Research specialities

Throughout Sam’s career he has been active in a variety of research projects. As such he has a high understanding of a variety of research methods. However, areas with a link to new technologies have a particular interest. Additionally, sifting through large databases links closely with his interest for primarily quantitative methods.

Publications & Projects

  • Dückers, M., Jansen, N., Ter Horst, S., & Haagen, J. (2023). Linking Public Health Monitoring to Dialogue-based Decision-making During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences from a Participatory Pilot in the Netherlands. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 38(S1), s210-s210.