Maudsley Simulation

UK’s first mental health simulation training centre

Since 2014, we’ve been providing mental health simulation training to individuals and organisations. We’re part of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust – the provider of the most extensive portfolio of mental health services in the UK.

We’ve worked with organisations to provide courses in a range of settings, both clinical and non-clinical. Our training is ideal for people completing a professional qualification, or those simply looking to learn more about mental health as part of their CPD. Organisations can also take part in simulation training to up-skill their teams and bring greater awareness.

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3 options for mental health simulation training

Provided by us

Choose any of our courses for your organisation to be delivered by our team, either at our centre or a location of your choosing. 

Partner with us

Choose any of our courses for your organisation to be delivered by our team, either at our centre, digitally or a location of your choosing but additionally allow us to work with you to be able to capacity build in your organisation for future delivery in terms of faculty development and simulation expertise.

Purchase from us

As part of our service offering, purchase the consultancy from our experienced team who can help with developing or improving mental health simulation within your organisation. Our consultancy offering covers the following areas: course development, scenario writing, debriefing, actors and fidelity, technology, research and evaluation. 

Upcoming simulation courses

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Digital simulation
Maudsley Simulation launch online mental health training

Frequently asked questions

What is mental health simulation?

Mental health simulation mimics real-life scenarios, so participants can learn skills and behaviours in a safe and controlled environment. Participants practice dealing with different real-life situations without posing a risk to actual patients. Simulation has been used in medical settings for years, but is increasingly being used in a mental health context.

What are the benefits of simulation in mental health education?

  • Allows participants to practice high risk skills in a low risk environment.
  • More interactive and immersive than learning theory.
  • More effective knowledge retention compared to other learning methods.
  • Increases confidence for participants before they encounter real-life scenarios.
  • Provides opportunities for instant feedback to improve.

How it works

Simulation training is a powerful and immersive way to learn beyond the lecture theatre.
It lets you interact with simulated patients played by experienced professional actors, in staged settings that replicate real-life clinical workplaces.

You do your job as you would normally do in our carefully designed clinical scenarios. This way, you gain authentic exposure to challenging situations that will develop your skills for face-to-face as well as remote consultations in a safe way.

This experiential learning improves participants’ confidence when facing challenging and unfamiliar scenarios.

Our simulation courses are also a great way to develop reflective practices at work.

After each simulated scenario, participants regroup in a digital debrief room where our trained faculty facilitates constructive feedback and reflections.

Our experienced team provides a safe learning environment from the outset: a place without judgement or interruptions, with respectful listening and encouragement. We want you to connect with your fellow participants and enjoy the experience, as well as gaining practical knowledge.

With careful stage management and creative use of technology, participants and observers get equally immersed in very engaging scenarios.

Maudsley Simulation has developed a broad range of digital courses designed to address core mental health training needs for inter-professional, multidisciplinary groups.

We want to nurture a workforce of confident, engaged and experienced healthcare professionals.

Simulation training is truly interactive. There is no more effective way to train for the real world. So join us in raising awareness of human factors within healthcare and immerse yourself in mental health training, wherever you are.

To find out more, you can watch our simulation and digital simulation​ explainer animations or get in touch with one of our experts today.