Maudsley Learning Symposia are one-day learning events focused on a particular area of mental health and provide a forum for leading experts to present on practical topics related to mental health care and to give participants the opportunity to discuss and exchange knowledge. These events bring together clinical professionals, researchers, advocates, and others involved in the mental health field to share insights and experiences.

The Symposia are focused on specific themes, topics, or areas within mental health, allowing for in-depth exploration and discussion. They provide a platform for experts to delve into various aspects of mental health, catering to a more specialised audience.

Our Symposia feature a variety of sessions including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, poster presentations, and networking opportunities. Topics covered range from clinical practices and research advancements to policy issues, advocacy efforts, community interventions, and innovative treatments.

The primary aim of these symposia is to promote collaboration, education, and awareness about mental health issues and their broader impact. By fostering dialogue and sharing insights, these events contribute significantly to advancing the field of mental health.

Upcoming Symposia