Dr. Geraldine Strathdee C.B.E. O.B.E. Hon. FRCPsych
Dr Strathdee has had a portfolio career as a frontline NHS clinician, and as an academic, medical manager, policy maker, regulator, global improvement consultant, and leader innovator.
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Stigma in Mental Health: Is it coming from society or within Mental Health itself?

  • How do we stop stigmatising people with mental health diagnosis and start to see them as important members of our society?
  • Is the stigma coming from within the system, do we need to change this first before we can change perception in society?
  • We often see people at their worst, how do we humanise them and get them back to ‘their best’?
  • Are we sometimes too ‘symptom focussed’?
  • What are the determinates of good health and wellbeing?

Date aired: 25.03.2022