Making Every Contact Count in Mental Health Settings

In July 2020, we delivered a project for Health Education England with the aim of developing and updating resources to support the adoption of a Making Every Contact Count (MECC) approach in mental healthcare settings.

As part of the project, we developed five key outputs:

  1. A quality marker checklist for Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training in mental health settings
  2. A implementation guide with specific considerations for the implementation of MECC in mental health settings
  3. An evaluation framework tailored to the evaluation of MECC Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes in mental health settings
  4. A consensus statement that builds on the existing MECC Consensus Statement, considering mental health settings
  5. A fact sheet describing the key concepts and considerations for applying MECC in mental health settings.


  • MECC Consensus Statement
  • Implementation guide
  • Training quality marker checklist
  • Evaluation framework
  • Fact sheet