About the toolkit:

The MECC toolkit has been designed to provide an up-to-date collection of resources and information around the ‘Making Every Contact Count’ initiative as an e-learning package. This will replace the existing Health Education England (HEE) MECC website and be hosted by elfh as an online toolkit. Over recent years, resources on MECC have grown in availability across numerous platforms and within different regions. One of the aims of this toolkit was to scope out existing resources to collate a range of accessible, current and new materials to provide an overview in 4 main areas: ‘What MECC is’, ‘How to implement it’, ‘Training resources on MECC and behaviour change/Person-centred Care approaches’ including case studies, and ‘Evaluating MECC interventions’. All-Our-Health training resources, wider MECC networks such as MECC Link and region-specific resources, guides and case studies are brought together and signposted to within the toolkit to provide users with a range of information.

The toolkit will be open for public access with the aim of helping both people and organisations to adopt the MECC approach and support them in evaluating interventions that their organisation may already have in place or wish to implement. The toolkit is designed to target all levels of knowledge, whether you just want to find out more about MECC or are looking specifically for case study examples and guides for how you can adopt this approach.

Read more about the project here.