To support families at home during the Covid-19 crisis, our partners at the Centre for Child and Parent Support (CPCS) have been piloting new Facebook and Instagram pages. The daily content is taken from their manualised programmes, with each day focusing on different topics and themes. The aim is to offer realistic, compassionate evidence-based parenting information that raises awareness, supports family resilience and promotes coping.

They have begun with content from the EPEC Being a Parent programme designed for parents of children 2-11 yrs. They will begin posting content for parents of infants and babies shortly, with additional content for parents of teenagers, parents with children affected by ASD/autism, and parents with mental health difficulties to follow. They will launch related YouTube films later this week. These short films complement the Facebook/Instagram and provide relational and interactive content intended to sustain parent coping and facilitate parenting change.

They have been posting daily for the last week to test content and see how the material lands. The response from parents and practitioners has been very positive. In the last seven days they have achieved a post reach of 15000+ and post engagement of 3500+.

The links for the pages are below. Its early days so please give them your advice, guidance and feedback.



A Big Favour!

IT would be great if the page content could reach as many families as possible over the course of the crisis.

***** Please share the pages with colleagues, service managers, practitioners and professionals so that they can use the pages and share with parents.

***** Please visit the pages and give CPCS feedback, at

***** Please share pages with friends, neighbours and family, where you think it would be helpful.

***** Please send them links and content that you would like us to post.

Many thanks for your help.