Research and evaluation

Data-driven insights and expert evaluation for organisational excellence

We believe that a data-driven approach is central to effective workforce development. As such, our organisation provides added value to all our training and organisational development commissions through routine evaluation. Our team of experienced and diverse organisational consultants brings together a wealth of expertise in research methods, evaluation, organisational, health, and occupational psychology. We offer a wide range of services relevant to organisations and individuals working within them.

Evaluation packages

Programme Evaluation

The feedback gathered from our previous courses contribute to data-driven decision-making and consistently reflects improvements in staff knowledge and confidence, as well as enhancements in role-specific skills and processes. Our robust evaluation methods are instrumental in demonstrating a positive return on investment, the efficacy of our training methods, and the impact on staff.

We offer 3 tiers of evaluation and will work collaboratively with you to design an evaluation suited to your budget and needs of your employees and organisation.

Our research offers.

Our team has proven expertise in this area, having published over 57 academic publications in peer reviewed journals and have over 600 citations combined.

Academic publication

We are passionate about sharing our findings with the world, to advance scientific knowledge, promote shared learning, decrease gaps in academic literature and endorse evidence-based practices.

Price £2,500

Literature reviews

A thorough literature review is used to evaluate and synthesize academic and grey literature. Literature reviews can be completed on a particular topic, within a specific time frame, on a specific intervention, or profession such as healthcare professionals/ nurses etc. They are often used in research and policymaking to inform evidence-based decisions and practice.

Prices starting from Price £5,000

Additional extras.

Sustainability & Financial Analysis

Our multi-disciplinary team can bring together expertise to demonstrate monetary value to services and products you decide to invest in.

  • Cost benefit analysis is a process of comparing estimated costs & benefits associated with an intervention to ensure it is a quality business investment.
  • Return on investment- calculation on the benefits/ profits of an intervention vs the cost of the intervention.
  • Health economics using specific evaluation measures that have monetary value to demonstrate financial impact.

Price: starting from £500* Negotiable depending on the nature and scale of the evaluation and intervention.

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