Psychiatric drugs are widely used and are a key component of psychiatric treatment. However the way we talk about these drugs often obscures their mechanism of action which has relevance for both clinical practice and research. Novel approaches to classifying psychotropics based on mechanism of action and side-effect profiles are required, to facilitate personalized treatment approaches and drug development. Furthermore side-effects of psychotropics impair quality of life, contribute to morbidity/mortality rates, increase stigma, and result in poor medication concordance and thus psychiatric relapse. Therefore we also need ways of personalising treatments based on side effect profiles.

Dr Rob McCutcheon will describe a new data-driven method of antipsychotic classification, based upon compound pharmacology. Dr Toby Pillinger will describe new digital tools, Psymatik Treatment Optimizers, which combine network meta-analytic side-effect data for psychotropics with patient preference, to facilitate evidence-based, personalized, and multidimensional prescription decision-making.

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  • Dr Rob McCutcheon (MRCPsych, PhD)

    A consultant psychiatrist and Wellcome fellow at the University of Oxford, Conducting pioneering research to optimise treatments and care for individuals with psychotic disorders

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  • Dr Toby Pillinger

    Toby completed his PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, where he remains to date as an NIHR-funded clinical researcher.

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