In this webinar, "Building Resilient Support Systems for Families Affected by Eating Disorders," we will examine how families, often the untapped superpower in eating disorder recovery, can be supported and educated to, in turn, support their loved ones.

Families, particularly when the loved one is no longer an adolescent, are not typically included as part of the treatment team. Often, professionals, while willing, struggle to include them.

Throughout this webinar, we will not only explore the ways in which families can be supported and empowered to aid their loved ones but also provide insights into recent research clarifying the profound impact of eating disorders on both the individual and their familial support network. Drawing from our own experiences, we will share best practices and innovative strategies aimed at constructing resilient support systems for families, thus nurturing the recovery journey comprehensively. Join us as we navigate this crucial aspect of eating disorder treatment and support.

Date : 06 Mar 2024

Time : 13.00 -14.00


  • Zuzanna Gajowiec

    The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp) Chapter Chair of Ireland

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  • Deirdre Reddan

    Over 20 years of leadership experience in a large financial services organisation, She made a career transition to focus on her passion for supporting individuals affected by Eating disorder

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    Deirdre and Zuzanna are the co-founders of SupportED Families – a service dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering families and caregivers of individuals affected by eating disorders. SupportED Families also provides training and consultations to professionals working in the field of eating disorders, including therapists, guidance counselors, sports coaches, nurses, dietitians, and general practitioners (GPs).