Dr. Geraldine Strathdee C.B.E. O.B.E. Hon. FRCPsych
Dr Strathdee has had a portfolio career as a frontline NHS clinician, and as an academic, medical manager, policy maker, regulator, global improvement consultant, and leader innovator.
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The internet has been synonymous with life as far as we can remember although it has only been 38 years since it was invented. Within the digital age, it can be considered a basic need in Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs! Technology has reshaped our ways and view of life, and this trend is unlikely to be undone. Digital healthcare has been a keyword that is being heard of in recent times and emphasised as we begin evaluating the way mental health services work during the COVID pandemic.

Since the Topol Review in 2019, this has solidified the NHS long-term plan of making the most of innovative technologies to improve services.

But how does this affect us, our patients, the service we provide, and is it all as exciting as it is made out to be?

Come and find out in this episode of Challenging Conversations...

Date aired: 04.11.2021

Time: 13:00 - 14:00


  • Faith Smith
  • Dr Lia Ali
  • Dr Hashim Reza
  • Dr Nicola Byrne