We would like to invite you to join us online for a 30-minute showcase of our flagship programmes on mental health education and wellbeing. During this event, our faculty will run you through the various projects and initiatives that we provide some of which are tailored to your sector. You will also have the opportunity to discuss how we can work with you to meet the training needs of your organisation.

Our innovative team at Maudsley Learning has a proven track record of designing and delivering programmes to meet the continuing professional development needs of individual professionals in the healthcare workforce, NHS organisations, social services, policing, schools and in the private sector. For flexibility and practicality, our programme delivery modalities include a combination of simulation, face-face-classes, digital and blended courses, eLearning and virtual reality. Our focus is to keep working to ensure that the evolving workforce is adequately equipped to deliver quality patient care. We would love you to be a part of this.