Nik and Eva Speakman are British therapists and life coaches. They have studied and worked together since 1992 sharing a passion to help people lead happier and less inhibited lives. They have formulated their own psychotherapeutic interventions including (among others) Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy, which are now also the subject of scientific research. They are resident therapists on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ for over a decade and have had their own shows, one of which, ‘The Speakmans’, also aired on ITV.

Liv Speakman is a psychology and neuroscience graduate from Oxford University working with Nik and Eva on research into the Speakmans work at Utrecht university in the Netherlands.

In this episode we discuss phobias and fears, Nik and Eva's journey to becoming therapists, changing your perspective on reality, remain open-minded to new interventions, the importance of scientific research in psychotherapy and many other topics. In addition - Rebecca gets free therapy and changes her mind about pigeons. It was wild.

Studies relating to the Speakmans work can be found here:

Studies 1 & 2
Published November 2018 – Journal of Behavior Therapy & Experimental Psychiatry

Study 3
Published 9 April 2021 – European Journal of Psychotraumataology

Books mentioned in this podcast:
Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz M.D. (1960)

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Meet the hosts:

  • Anya (2)
    Dr Anya Borissova

    Anya is an academic clinical fellow training in psychiatry at SlaM. Anya is passionate about making it easier for everyone to access the latest in psychiatric research.

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    Dr Alexander Curmi

    Aside from general adult psychiatry, Alex has special interests in psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation and medical education.

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  • Rebecca Wilkinson (1)
    Dr Rebecca Wilkinson

    Rebecca is a core trainee psychiatrist in the South London and Maudsley NHS trust.

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