This podcast is a guide to making any kind of resolution towards long term change and it includes:

Intro 00:00

Listener Shout-Out 02:30

Choosing the area you want to work on (what is bothering you?) 03:33

Framing the resolution appropriately 06:15

Making a plan using the zone of proximal development 08:07

Choosing high leverage activities 12:37

Using positive and negative emotions to help you make progress 14:25

Measuring your results correctly to remain reality oriented and motivated 16:50

Not using failure as an excuse to regress, analysing your sticking points with detached compassion 20:05

Recognising and disregarding mental noise 23:07

Recognising the role of motivation, discipline, will power and habit 24:22

Allowing for identity level change 27:15

Viewing your behaviours as collisions with reality you can learn from 29:33

Outro 34:45

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