Kathy Blackeby

Facilitator and Trainer, Social Worker, child mental health specialist in community

At: Kings College London

Kathy has been a qualified social worker for more than 30 years. During this time she worked in many and various agencies before specialising in child and adolescent mental health, adoption and fostering at The Maudsley hospital.

Whilst working as a child mental health specialist in community CAMHS she developed her training and group work skills, running many parenting workshops and courses both for parents and other professionals. Individual work with families also honed her skills in video interaction guidance, an intervention for which she is a qualified practitioner, and the evidence based intervention, ‘Parent Child Game’, of which she is an experienced practitioner, supervisor and trainer.

Subsequently, as an IAPT supervisor, she trained and supported parenting professionals in Personalised Individual Parent Training.

As part of her role as a clinical specialist in the Conduct Disorder Adoption and Fostering Team at The Maudsley, she developed with her colleagues the original Fostering Changes Programme and co-wrote the manual. She facilitated the programme for several years before being involved in the re-write of the current revised manual, developing the Fostering Changes facilitators course and subsequently becoming a trainer for the facilitators course. Since 2010 she has delivered this course on many occasions both in the UK and internationally.

Courses by Kathy Blackeby