Gareth Evans

Head of media production

Gareth is the cornerstone of our Simulation Centre team, having been a dedicated member of Maudsley Learning since 2014. His expertise lies in being our accomplished simulation technician, where he thrives in the realm of all things tech-related. Gareth's passion for tinkering with wires, microphones, and cameras stems from his unwavering pursuit of delivering top-notch audio and visual solutions.

Having commenced his journey as a Simulation Technician, Gareth's commendable work ethic and proficiency have propelled him to take on additional roles within the Simulation Centre. He is now not only the de facto cleaner but also the welcoming presence responsible for opening doors and extending warm greetings to everyone who steps through our doors. Gareth's versatile skills and personable approach make him an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring that our Simulation Centre operates seamlessly and provides an inviting atmosphere for all.