Emma Baxey

Simulation Educator Mental Health Nurse

Emma is an international recruited registered mental health nurse who has been in active clinical practice spanning over fourteen years and has worked within SLAM NHS Foundation Trust for four years. She has a cross-cultural experience working in diverse mental health settings; School mental health, Community Mental Health settings, Personality disorder Forensic specialist Unit, Older Adults Dementia, and Psychiatric Liaison services.

Emma’s particular interest is in co-morbidities in mental health, especially physical health conditions, and substance use disorders.

She is passionate about tackling stigma and inequalities in the healthcare delivery system that prevents the provision of and accessibility to quality mental health care. Emma is involved with the Patient Carer and Race Equality Framework (PCREF) approach in SLAM.

Emma is currently working with Maudsley Learning as a simulation Nurse Tutor involved in the design and delivery of bespoke courses in mental health.

Courses by Emma Baxey