Elaine Thomas

Simulation Mental Health Nurse Educator

Elaine is a highly dedicated Registered Mental Health Nurse with a wealth of experience, currently contributing her expertise to the Maudsley Learning Simulation Team. With an impressive 14-year tenure at the SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, Elaine has honed her skills and deepened her understanding of mental health care.

Her passion lies in enhancing the experiences of individuals dealing with psychosis. Elaine's substantial background includes valuable years spent in Early Intervention and Early Detection services for psychosis, where she played a pivotal role in the care and support of individuals facing these challenges.

Elaine's mission is to craft and deliver training programs that not only foster comprehension but also ignite a sense of purpose among healthcare professionals. Her aim is to empower them to make meaningful improvements in the experiences and outcomes of mental health service users. Elaine's unwavering commitment and expertise make her a true asset to our team, driving positive change in mental health care.

Courses by Elaine