Dr. Sara McNeillis

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Sara McNeill is a distinguished Consultant in Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine at University College London Hospitals. Dr. McNeill specialises in Sleep Disordered Breathing and Airway Assessment, showcasing a profound understanding of respiratory health and its implications on sleep quality. Additionally, she is actively engaged in researching and investigating urological sleep conditions, demonstrating a holistic approach to her practice.

Dr. McNeill holds a Master's in Medicine (MMed) with a specialisation in Sleep Medicine, further emphasizing her commitment to staying at the forefront of her field. Her academic background and clinical experience position her as a key player in the intersection of anaesthesia and sleep medicine.

She is a member of: British Sleep Society, American Association of Sleep Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine, Royal College of Anaesthetists, Difficult Airway Society

Courses by Dr. Sara