Wellbeing in the workplace for primary care - Cancelled

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Course information
Course information
About the course

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the NHS and its staff. This one-day, interactive workshop offers primary care staff the opportunity to reflect on ways to reduce feelings of isolation, burnout and compassion fatigue - while finding better work-life balance and wellbeing.

Many staff in health settings are struggling with burnout over the last 18 months and have poor mental wellbeing as a result of the constant demands and pressure during the covid pandemic. Primary care has unique challenges which have been escalated since January 2020.

Workplace wellbeing is multifaceted and promoting wellbeing in the workplace has significant benefits from an individual, team, and organisational perspective. Examples include reduced sickness absence, better work-life balance, better employee morale and engagement, reduced work-related stress, better staff retention, and increased productivity (CIPD, 2020).

Course programme

This course will explore the perspectives of individual, team, and organisational wellbeing through the lens of organisational and occupational psychology. This interactive workshop will explore the following concepts:

  • Reducing burnout
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Identifying values & finding meaning at work
  • Happiness at work
  • Mindfulness
  • Reducing isolation
  • Managing stress
  • Simple interventions to improve workplace wellbeing.
Learning objectives

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify personal values that may impact happiness at work
  • Describe workplace wellbeing from an individual, team and organisational perspective
  • Have better conversations about wellbeing with teams and individuals
  • Develop individualised strategies and simple interventions to improve wellbeing in your in the workplace
  • Assess the impact of Covid-19 in the workplace and how to reduce feelings of isolation
  • Make changes to reduce the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue.

Course schedule

Target audience
GP, Practice lead, Practice manager
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