Virtual Reality pilot course - Reducing Restrictive Practices in mental health settings

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Course information
Course start date is passed
Length and time
9:00 - 17:00
Course information
Course start date is passed
Length and time
9:00 - 17:00
About the course

We invite all SLaM nursing and inpatient staff to join us in this exciting series of pilot courses using the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Cross Reality (XR) technology.

Featuring 360 degree videos, use of VR headsets to access the content and smartphone applications to bring immersive training material into clinical and educational environments, the aim of the course is break new ground in mental health education.

Our vision is of compassionate nurse-led clinical teams who feel skilled, empowered and connected to reduce the use of restrictive practices and improve the experience and outcomes of service users.

We invite you to get involved in what is a new, experiential training tool which we hope can be developed into an exciting method of training mental health nurses, using XR technology.

Course programme

This course will be run via Zoom - though the Virti App will be used to run VR sessions through the day. You will be sent all required account information and links after registering.

Learning objectives

After completing this course you will have:

  • More awareness of how to de-escalate situations when a person is agitated
  • Increased understanding of the patient perspective
  • A more compassionate way of engaging with patients
  • Better understanding of the mechanisms involved in de-escalation
  • An understanding of the most effective ways to de-escalate in varied, challenging situations.

Course schedule

Target audience
SLaM nursing and inpatient staff
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