Psychiatric In-Patient Simulation (PIPS)

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Course information
Course information
About the course

This one-day inter-professional course is aimed at any staff working in in-patient psychiatric healthcare settings that may respond to challenging, potentially high-risk, high-consequence interactions. This includes: mental health nurses, healthcare assistants, care support workers and psychiatric doctors.

Please note: this is not a competency- based course. BLS, ILS, PSTS and other mandatory, competency- based training should be up-to-date before attending.

Learning objectives

The course serves as an introduction to in-patient team-working and is suitable for professionals wanting clarification and advice about the role of human factors on the provision of healthcare using a team approach. It also seeks to provide a forum for discussion and reflection on factors influencing efficiency of team-working with the ultimate aim of improving patient safety.

Participants will be involved in a series of simulated scenarios using actors and/or a high-fidelity medical mannequin. Debriefing models are employed to assist participants to learn positively and constructively from the experience. The course is designed to be flexible and modifiable in that it can consist of any 6 scenarios from our catalogue in a combination and order specific to your needs (please refer to the PIPS scenario catalogue for recommendations and a brief outline of options).

Course schedule

Target audience
Mental health nurses, Healthcare assistants, Care support workers, and Psychiatric doctors.
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