PROTECT Advanced suicide prevention training

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Course information
This course will be taking place online
Course information
This course will be taking place online
About the course

This one-day, advanced training examines new ways of looking at patient collaboration, assessing risk and safety planning to help you better manage suicidal patients.

The tragic consequences of suicide are frequently encountered in mental healthcare settings, and suicide prevention is one of the key roles of professionals. However, traditional ways of assessing and categorising risk have little actual value in predicting or preventing suicide, and decision-making around risk is prone to unconscious bias that means seemingly rational choices do not always represent optimal care for patients.

Starting with the premise that the most powerful tool we have for preventing risk is the therapeutic relationship, the training will enable you to apply your existing relational skills more systematically to improve your confidence and ability in managing suicidal patients. The course is developed and delivered in collaboration with PROTECT, and takes a research-driven, relational approach to suicide prevention.

Learning objectives

After taking this course participants will be able to:

  • Take a novel relational approach to assessing and managing at-risk patients
  • Understand the delicate balance between risk and recovery using the Care Compass
  • Understand the nuances of narrative and validity techniques in the assessment process
  • Examine unconscious biases that influence risk-related decision making (AWARE)
  • Use a structured, multi-dimensional approach to risk formulation risk (DESPAIR) and documentation (NOTES)
  • Learn safety planning using the SAFE: 1-2-7 Safety Conversation and build resilience through VALUES framework

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Target audience
Assistant psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Consultant – psychiatry, CT1-3 – psychiatry, GP, GPVTS, Healthcare assistant, RGN, RMN, Social worker, ST4-7 – psychiatry
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