Mental health first aid for children and young people (Blended course) - Cancelled

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Course information
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About the course

Developed in collaboration with First Aid for Life, this mental health first aid training course will teach you how to recognise warning signs of mental ill health in young people and help you develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone, whilst keeping yourself safe. We help you develop resilience, learn new ways to cope with stress, and equip you with a wealth of resources to be able to confidently help young people struggling with their mental health.

This first aid qualification will provide you with the knowledge to spot specific warning signs that a young person could be struggling with a mental health condition; it explains how to initiate a supportive conversation, explore healthier lifestyle choices and links to additional support available if the young person needed further help.

Ideal for those looking to introduce positive mental health practices to environments that support young people (for example youth clubs and scout/guide troops), for teachers and support staff; and friends, family and colleagues wanting more information on this vital topic.

What makes our course different from the others?

  • Designed and delivered with mental health experts from the internationally-renowned Maudsley Hospital
  • Highly interactive and enjoyable learning using realistic case scenarios and discussion to teach techniques that will enable you to assist others in distress
  • Simple, evidence-based strategies that anyone can use
  • One-day practical session focusing on practical skills and ‘what to do’ when dealing with someone with mental health difficulties
  • Blended teaching consisting of a self-directed pre-learning to provide essential background knowledge
  • Free copy of our exclusive Mental Health First Aid handbook for each attendee

Please note that this practical session is intended to be undertaken following completion the online pre-learning in order to receive accreditation as a mental health first aider. However, completion of the pre-learning is not required to join the practical session and you are welcome to do the online course afterwards if you wish to obtain the qualification.

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Learning objectives

1. Take a curious and person-centred approach to enquire about a young person’s mental wellbeing

2. Identify signs of mental distress or illness in a young person

3. Manage acute distress or risk issues related to a range of mental health conditions

4. Direct a young person in distress to an appropriate service or resource

5. Identify when and how appropriate boundaries should be kept

Course schedule

Target audience
School staff (teachers, teaching assistants), Staff from childrens’ charities and support organisations
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