Getting psyched up, exploring psychiatry as a career

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Course information
This course will be taking place online
Course information
This course will be taking place online
About the course

A free evening conference that provides foundation trainee doctors with information on what psychiatry is really like as a speciality, its various subspecialities, and how to get into it.

Have you waded through your foundation training scheme wondering what might be on the other side? Or are wondering what your training would look like if it included psychiatry?

You get a chance to contribute or observe interactions with professional actors depicting patients with psychiatric conditions, with live feedback from trained facilitators providing techniques in these interactions that are transferable to everyday clinical practice.

Watch doctors battle it out in a fiery debate on the use of references to mental illness in the recent Hollywood blockbuster The Joker – gratuitous, or necessary? Acceptable for art, or socially damaging?

The conference is held at the Ortus, an innovative building conveniently located near London's Denmark Hill Station.

Course programme

This evening course will cover:

  • what a career in psychiatry entails
  • what the career pathway into psychiatry would involve for foundation trainees
  • an overview of the different specialities within psychiatry.

You can break into small groups during intervals to contribute or observe the professional actors depicting patients with a mental health condition. Live feedback will be given by trained facilitators on methods that are helpful in these interactions, which can be transferred to daily clinical practice.

The evening will also involve debate, with psychiatric doctors acting as speakers, on a contemporary topical issue relevant to mental health, such as the impact of the association of the Joker with psychiatric illness in the latest blockbuster movie of that name.

There will, additionally, be an opportunity to network with like minded individuals and to interact with people involved in various activities pertinent to psychiatric trainees, such as the Film Club associated with the Maudsley.

Learning objectives

After attending this conference you will:

  • have a greater understanding of what a career in psychiatry might involve
  • know how to enter into a career in psychiatry
  • have been able to take active part in a contemporary and topical debate in relation to mental health
  • have the opportunity to conduct, observe or contribute to an interview of a simulated patient with mental health difficulties and receive feedback on useful techniques in such interactions
  • have had the opportunity to network with other trainees of the same grade to form connections with those who have similar interests
  • have had a chance to interactively learn about some of the extracurricular avenues open to those within psychiatry, such as Film Club, PscyhArt, Virtual Reality, Gaming the Mind

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Target audience
Foundation trainee doctors
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