Cannabis Clinic for Psychosis

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Course information
31 December
Course information
31 December
About the programme

A First!

The Cannabis Clinic for Patients with Psychosis is the first NHS clinic in England specifically dedicated to cannabis users with psychosis.

As a world first, the Digital Learning team at Maudsley Learning, led by Carolyn Hodgman, and Cannabis for Psychosis team, led by Dr Marta DiForti, have created an Online Programme with seven interactive modules and resources on the topic, available world-wide.

Dr Marta DiForti

The clinic is run by Dr Marta DiForti, Consultant Adult Psychiatrist, Early Intervention, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), and Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellow at King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience.

Dr DiForti notes:
“I have emails from parents and young people across the country asking to come to the clinic. I can only see a fifth of the people who get referred to me. Before the clinic existed, I used to refer my patients to cannabis addiction centres. They would say to me, ‘I don’t have anything in common with the rest of the group because my relationship with cannabis is very different.'"

Innovation & Collaboration

In collaboration with Maudsley Learning, Dr DiForti and team run live, private online PEER group sessions facilitated by peer Mentors with lived experience of both psychosis and cannabis use, with a wealth of renowned experts on the topic from around the world.

Accompanying the live sessions Maudsley Learning created a Virtual Learning Environment with presentations from speakers, co-produced learning resources and other blended learning activities to support the group. These materials have now been repurposed as an eLearning programme to enable services around the world to take forward this model for treatment of psychosis in cannabis use.

This innovative approach is underpinned by:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Mentoring by patient experts
  • Peer-to-peer learning and support
Live online PEER Group Sessions

When are they?

  • Days: Tuesday fortnightly
  • Times: 4pm - 5pm
  • Location: Online via Zoom

The live, online Cannabis Clinic runs PEER group sessions each fortnight. These are open to all first episode psychosis patients enrolled in the Cannabis Clinic for Psychosis programme, which currently accepts referrals from the Lambeth Early Onset (LEO) unit and STEP Early Interventions Community Mental Health Teams, with the aim of supporting patients to achieve a significant reduction/cessation of their cannabis use.

The sessions include psychoeducation through presentations from a range of subject matter experts and online learning materials; mentoring by patient experts who have all experienced a psychotic disorder while using cannabis and have subsequently stopped using; peer-to-peer learning and support.


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that accompanies the live online PEER group sessions is available to patients, clinicians and researchers involved in the sessions and includes co-produced learning activities across a structure programme of learning and talks, presentations and other resources from expert speakers.

How to access:

To access the resources you must be a patient enrolled in the Cannabis Clinic for Psychosis programme, referred from the Lambeth Early Onset (LEO) unit or STEP Early Interventions Community Mental Health Teams; or a clinician or researcher. Family or carers involved in supporting the patient's care may also have access.

If you are within these groups, programme staff will send you an access code which you can enter once you have clicked Book Now to register.

Learning objectives

What you will learn from taking part in the CPP PEER Group:

  • Recognise what cannabis is and the effects on the body and brain
  • Explore psychosocial tools for trigger and craving management
  • Assess arguments for and against cannabis use
  • Explore psychosocial tools for trigger and craving management
  • Assess arguments for and against cannabis use
  • Examine peers' experiences and how these can relate to your personal circumstances
  • Reflect on discussions about the legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis
  • Apply the learning to your everyday life

For more information and access to the Cannabis Clinic for Psychosis Online (CCPO) please contact:

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Psychiatric Clinicians, Service Users, Family, Carers and Researchers.
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