Assessment and treatment of alcohol use disorders: the Alcohol Care Team approach

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Course information
Course information
About the course

This two-day blended course is suitable for any clinician who encounters alcohol dependence in their practice, including A&E, acute medical, and mental health professionals. It would be particularly valuable for healthcare professionals who are setting up, or joining, an Alcohol Care Team or simply want to increase their skills in this area.

Using a combination of interactive case-based teaching, lectures on latest evidence-based practice, and simulation training, learners will develop their skills in assessment and management of alcohol dependence and comorbidities.

This course is designed and delivered by multidisciplinary experts in alcohol dependence and liver disease from King’s College Hospital and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neurosciences at King’s College London

Topics covered
  • Assessment of alcohol use and alcohol use disorder
  • How to deliver a structured brief intervention
  • Safe medically-assisted withdrawal: monitoring, pharmacology, and complications
  • Alcoholic liver disease: identifying, referring, and implications for management of dependence and withdrawal
  • Basic psychiatric risk assessment: theory and practice
  • Alcohol-related brain damage and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome: prevention and management
  • Psychosocial approaches to alcohol dependence
  • Onward care: relapse prevention medication, mutual aid, and forms of aftercare
  • The patient’s perspective
Learning objectives
  • Perform a thorough assessment of someone presenting with alcohol use disorder
  • Plan and carry out a safe medically assisted withdrawal from alcohol
  • Deliver a brief intervention around alcohol use Plan and implement relapse prevention strategies
  • Arrange appropriate screening and follow-up for alcohol-related liver disease
  • Perform a thorough assessment of someone presenting with alcohol use disorder

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Target audience
MH nurses (incl trainees), Healthcare assistants, Social workers, Psychiatrists (incl trainees), General hospital doctors , Allied health, Psychologists (incl trainees), General hospital nurses, Support staff (e.g. admin), Assistant psychologists, GPs, Academic staff, Senior general nurses in A&E, acute assessment units, and acute medical wards Psychiatry liaison nurses Mental health nurses in community settings Dual diagnosis workers Doctors from medical specialities Liaison psychiatrists
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