Mental health and wellbeing training

Empower your workforce and elevate your organisation through mental health and wellbeing training.

Our specialised team of organisational psychologists, clinical healthcare professionals, researchers and workplace wellbeing experts design these programmes to seamlessly cater to individuals, teams, and organisations alike. Our carefully designed training includes talks from expert speakers, group discussions, live role play, simulation training and other interactive elements to give you the best educational experience that develops knowledge, skills and positive behaviour change.

Why managing mental health and wellbeing at work is important.

It has never been a more important time for organisations to address mental health and wellbeing at work. By effectively managing health and wellbeing at work, your organisation is a more desirable place to work for employees.

  • Poor mental health, stress and burnout costs UK employers £56 billion in 2020-21 and is increasing year on year
  • Mental health overtook musculoskeletal issues as a main cause of sickness
  • 8 million days lost in 2023 due to sickness absence with an increase 7.8 average days lost per individual.
  • Poor mental health and wellbeing is an increasing reason for employees leaving organisations

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Levels of training


Our training focuses on individual development, building awareness and equipping individual with personalised activities in preventing, promoting and managing mental and physical health at work.

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Why choose Maudsley Learning for training?

Learn from the experts.

We’re a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers and mental health professionals. As a result, you’ll only receive the most accurate, up-to-date information about mental health and wellbeing at work from multiple disciplines. We draw on academic literature, and used evidenced based solutions and interventions so that you can trust, what we do works. Our training staff are at the forefront of their chosen fields and are qualified professionals, offering the best educational experience.


With lots of choice available, you can choose to receive the training online in-person, via digital means such as virtual reality or eLearning. We also have a variety of other learning methods available which we can tailor to individual organisational needs.

Build greater awareness

Training will help employees, mangers, teams and leaders to spot the signs of poor mental health better. Not only that, but it will also give them a greater understanding of what experiencing mental illness is like, so they can be more empathetic and supportive around them to those around them.

Enhancing workplace culture

Training and awareness will help people who experience mental health issues and poor wellbeing to feel more comfortable at work. This kind of supportive workplace culture can help you retain talent for longer and make your organisation a more desirable place to work.

Helping to reduce absenteeism.

If you educate people on where to find support, and have basic intervention skills in place, you’ll be able to support your employees better. As a result, they may take less time off work, reducing absenteeism in your business overall.

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