Clara M de Barros

Patient Public Involvement representative

Clara is an experienced Patient Public Involvement representative. She was diagnosed with autism as an adult and has become an unwavering advocate for the rights of autistic individuals within society. Formerly a Governor for the South London and Maudsley Trust, Clara undertook roles as both a trainer and mentor, providing invaluable guidance to Clinical Psychology PhD students, and now, to PhD medical students. Throughout her developmental journey, Clara actively engaged in trial-specific activities as a co-applicant, contributing significantly by identifying priorities, offering insightful commentary, and aiding in the development of research materials. Her involvement extended to conducting interviews with research participants, among other tasks.

During her 15-year tenure at a Local Authority, Clara initiated groundbreaking initiatives, including the establishment of the first-ever quiet zone within an open office setting. This sensory soothing space, designed to harness natural light and minimize noise, positively impacted numerous individuals. Clara's engagement further extends to her participation in various committees and boards, where she contributes her expertise in reviewing documents and studies.

Despite holding a Performing Arts Degree, Clara's enthusiasm for neuroscience remains palpable. She is presently immersed in an International Fellowship in Translational Research, a prestigious scholarship she secured, which culminates in her anticipated graduation in March 2021. Additionally, she proudly serves as a member of the inaugural Covid-19 Public Research Panel, a pivotal role in these critical times.

For more information on the Covid-19 Public Research Panel Clara is a part of, please visit ARC South London's website: Introducing the Covid-19 Public Research Panel | ARC South London (