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Every year mental health issues will affect around one in four of us, but we keep silent in the workplace because of the fear that it will affect our employment. And of those of us with common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, 55 to 70% of us are in work.

There is powerful evidence to show that understanding, managing and promoting mental health as an integral part of working life has significant financial benefits to an organisation.

Workshops with Maudsley Learning at Work will bring the subject of mental health into the open and can help managers and HR professionals to address and manage better mental health which will support and help retain their staff.


Delivering practical and skills-based mental health training through facilitated workshops to help organisations understand, manage and promote mental health as an integral part of working life.

Maudsley Learning


The ORTUS is a stunning, innovative and multi-award winning venue purpose built for learning and capable of hosting a wide variety of event types and formats. There is also the fantastic Café at the ORTUS which provides healthy and delicious food and an ideal place to meet for lunch and a coffee

Maudsley Learning


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Maudsley Learning

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