Modern technology has made it easier than ever to produce content such as podcasts, videos and the like and release them online. One of the only limiting factors in producing great content therefore, is having access to experts who can provide insider takes on complex topics in the field. It goes without saying that we have a wealth of such experts in SLAM.

Alongside the more structured portfolio of courses that Maudsley Learning is producing, the podcasts will offer a more unstructured conversational content in the form of expert interviews and discussions.

At Maudsley Learning we want to inform and teach as well as help spark interest, debate and enthusiasm around mental healthcare and related issues.

In this vein I, Dr. Alex Curmi  have began producing audio interviews with people in SLAM such as consultant psychiatrists, a neuroscientist and a documentary film maker about their work. I have been pleased to find out that people are generally open and excited to share their knowledge and experiences.

The Maudsley Learning Podcast is a London Based Podcast created by training psychiatrists with the goal of providing the general public access to more nuanced conversations around mental health, psychiatric medicine, psychology and psychotherapy.

Maudsley Learning

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