Behavioural Activation: Yoga On The Mind with Greg Shields and Saya Madeleine

Do some days feel like too much to bear to even get out of bed? Is the sadness and lethargy weighing you down? Or are there particular times in your day you feel energetically slumped? Here is a video outlining the value of simple action through body and breath movement. Watch how Behavioural Activation is a proven method to enhance your wellbeing.

Experience the shift you feel by joining in on the short movement sequence designed to get you out of bed. The first steps in the “doing”, can create a launch pad and enough momentum to help you FEEL better and re-engage with life, just that little bit more. Take it one day, one movement, one breath at a time. Remember, be kind to yourself.

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We also have a course titled: Non-drug treatment in depression: behavioural activation and beyond which is a one-day Maudsley Masterclass, aimed at clinicians working in mental health and covers the basics of non-medical treatments for depression, as well as the latest research and evidence. Behavioural Activation is an intervention of choice for depression and is widely used in psychology services. Participants attending the course will learn to assess patients with depression to identify problematic lifestyle, cognitive, and interpersonal factors. After attending this course, participants will be able to integrate CBT for sleep, exercise, triple chronotherapy, and nutritional interventions into their management plans. There will be a focus on a functional understanding of rumination, avoidance, and compensatory behaviours that are used to avoid painful emotions that maintain depression.