Mind the Gaps! Identify, Develop, Reflect and Refine Skills to Support your Wellbeing at University

Course information
31 December
Self-directed online course
Course information
31 December
Self-directed online course
About the course

This programme is for undergraduate students who identify as first in family to attend university or are studying without other forms of familial support (i.e., mature students, care experienced students, international students, carers and others). The programme was developed in collaboration with St Mary’s University Twickenham, University of West London, and King’s College London as part of an Office for Students funded project to improve the wellbeing of students during transition points in their university journey. It was co-created with students with lived experience of studying without various forms of familial support.

Students who are first in their families to attend university and students who are otherwise cut off from family support are at increased risk of poor mental health, social isolation, and non-continuation as they make their way through critical transition points in their university careers. Transition points include entering and leaving university, moving between academic years and semester breaks, when students may experience additional challenges around academic and financial pressures, relationships, home and university contrasts, homesickness, and other aspects of student life. By exploring personal skills and experiences in this context within a group of peers, students can feel more confident to manage hurdles and navigate transitions during their university experience while building connections with other students.

There will be a series of 4 face to face workshops focused on developing personal skills and exploring wellbeing relevant to different transition points during university hosted at each of the three universities. Please check on your university website for more information on when and where these interactive teaching sessions will be held.

E-learning modules

As part of the programme, students can access an e-learning package of digital resources to support their individual wellbeing, personal reflection and also refresh the concepts from the workshop series. Similarly to the workshops, the digital resources are broken down into four modules with topics aligning to the workshops. Students have the option to access all or any individual module that feels useful to them, and can access these on their own or use these to complement the workshop sessions based on their own preferences, needs and time constraints. The topics have been selected based on emerging research and student experiences.

Learning objectives
  1. To identify personal wellbeing needs at different transition points in your university journey

  2. To develop practical skills to manage your university, life, and work demands

  3. To reflect on personal definitions of success and failure

  4. To support yourself in times of stress

Learning objectives for each e-learning module

Module 1
  1. Explore personal expectations, values, barriers and motivations at the start of your university journey
  2. Develop a personal plan to manage your own wellbeing whilst at university
  3. Discover opportunities for social support and integrating these into your experience
  4. Navigate complex university systems
Module 2
  1. Explore what personal work, university, life balance means
  2. Recognise personal boundaries
  3. Discover ways to manage your time

Module 3

  1. Explore and develop self-reflection skills
  2. Recognise and manage stress associated with personal challenges while at university
  3. Discover different approaches to problem solving
Module 4
  1. Reflect on definitions of failure and manage imposter syndrome
  2. Discover personal success and different paths for the future
  3. Explore ways to develop meaningful connections and networks

Course schedule

Target audience
Undergraduate students in any year group who are the First in the Family to attend university or studying without other forms of family support (i.e. mature students, estranged students, care leavers, international students) at three London universities (St Mary’s University Twickenham, University of West London, King’s College London).
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