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Police and ambulance mental health course

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20/08/18, 30/08/18, 06/09/18, 12/09/18, 18/09/18, 02/10/18, 11/10/18, 17/10/18, 08/11/18, 19/11/18
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9.30AM - 4.30PM
1 Day
Lunch provided
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About the course

The Police and Ambulance Services are two professions that often find themselves working collaboratively with one another, to help a patient in a mental health crisis out of hours. It has been noted that the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) lack in training in suicide prevention and there are problems with interagency working.

This one day course targets those working as paramedics and police officers and can be offered as a joint training day or separated and tailored to the professions and aims to enhance knowledge and confidence in assessing and managing crisis mental health presentations in out of hospital settings including people’s homes.

Recommendations have been made to suggest that the police force should have mandatory training available for staff and this should be developed in partnership with experts. In 2014, a report highlighted the need for ‘further education for ambulance clinicians in mental capacity, how to assess it and how to apply appropriate aspects of the mental health legislation.’ Secondary to the recommendations made in the reports for both Police and London Ambulance Service (LAS) and the evidence for simulation training, Maudsley Simulation developed this course with an aim to address these concerns.

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Learning Objectives

What you will learn from taking this course:

  • Have improved confidence, knowledge and skills in the recognising, assessing and management of people suffering with mental health conditions.
  • Be able to understand the role non-technical skills, e.g. situation awareness, leadership, team working, play in the management of people suffering from mental health conditions.
  • Have improved communication and collaboration skills within the multi-disciplinary team and between professions.
  • Have raised awareness and improved management of the challenges that can arise when managing people with mental health conditions within a community setting.

Course Information

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Target Audience
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All staff working with people living with dementia and their carers
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Length & Time
Lambeth Hospital
Maudsley Simulation
Reay House
Landor Road
20/08/18, 30/08/18, 06/09/18, 12/09/18, 18/09/18, 02/10/18, 11/10/18, 17/10/18, 08/11/18, 19/11/18

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