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Conquering OCD: Assessment, treatment and common challenges

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9.30AM - 4.30PM
2 Days
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About the course

The aim of this Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) two-day course will be to provide up to date knowledge and skills in assessment and intervention for children and adolescents with OCD. The approaches which will be outlined are evidence based and viewed as best practice. The emphasis of the course will be on skills-based teaching of cognitive behaviour therapy strategies.

Day One

As part of DAY 1 the group will work through a case example, with the inclusion of audio and visual materials, in order to gain a detailed understanding of assessment and treatment in context. The day will also incorporate group exercises in order to practice skills in carrying out a comprehensive assessment and implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for OCD.

Day Two

As part of DAY 2 the group will work through some of the challenges and complexities that frequently present in the implementation of CBT for OCD. The delegates will be asked to bring case examples of young people with OCD they have worked with (preferably in the time between DAY 1 and DAY 2) and to reflect on what worked well and in particular what they found challenging. The facilitators will support the group to work through these case examples and will also lead a more broad discussion about common pitfalls and challenges in carrying out CBT for OCD

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This is a Health Education England funded course for staff working in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) which has been developed by Kings College London and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in partnership with Maudsley Learning.

This course is for CAMHS staff only and you must be able to attend both days of the course. Please do not apply if you work in any other area of mental health or can not attend both days as you will not be eligible to attend this course

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Learning Objectives

What you will learn from taking this course:

  • Identify symptoms of OCD in children
  • Perform or describe a competent assessment of OCD in children
  • Recommend appropriate diagnostic questionnaires and interviews
  • Describe the principles and practice of CBT for this disorder, including common treatment challenges
  • Recommend appropriate medical treatment for this disorder
  • Describe how to manage common treatment challenges and risks associated with OCD

Course Information

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Target Audience
CAMHS practitioners including psychologists, psychiatrists and CBT therapists
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Lunch Option
All staff working with people living with dementia and their carers
Lunch & refreshments provided
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Course Details
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Length & Time
Ortus Event and Learning Centre
82-96 Grove Ln
Day 1- 9.30AM-4.30PM
Ortus Event and Learning Centre
82-96 Grove Ln
Day 2- 9.30AM-4.30PM

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